Chemistry Lab

The school has well equipped separate science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology to meet the requirement of higher Secondary school students.



It is one of the largest, the best and well stocked and furnished library with latest editions in knowledge. It can accommodate sixty students at one time.


Examination Hall

Spacious, well-furnished and well-ventilated class rooms situated in Ten acres of spacious and child friendly campus full of greenery and spacious play ground with all play equipment.


Separate hostels for Boys and Girls are available with good facilities, each child is provided with a separate bed. Children are always under close supervision. They are well-cared, well-protected and well-fed. The health of the children is carefully monitored by a qualified Nurse and immediate attention will be given whenever a child falls sick. Gym facility is available in the Girls Hostel. It is home away from home.


The school normally works for five days in a week and 215 days in a school year, students must attend classes regularly.

School Timing                                  –              07:45am -1-30pm.

LKG & UKG Session                         –              07:45am -11.20am

The student must reach the school at least five minutes before the school begins. Attendance at student Assembly is compulsory for it is the internal part of the school program. Late comers are not allowed after 8:00 am.


Computer Lab

The computer lab is well equipped with latest computers with multi-media. The lab consists of sixty computers so that each student can work individually.

Students from 1st Class onwards are exposed to the computer environment.

In the learning process today, the major change is seen in the way the students think, Until the last few years, there was one question and one answer. Now, answer will be the same but questions are multifaceted.

Therefore, the ICSE examination pattern prepares the student to get through the competitive examinations with ease. Black board approach alone may not help the students in learning and understanding the concepts to answer the questions. The same practice or the routine learning may not help in the new pattern of examinations. Many educators observed that students are miserably failing in competitive examinations even after scoring 90% and above in their regular examinations. As all the competitive and entrance examinations comprise tricky questions, only the ICSE and ISC students with in-depth knowledge of the concept can qualify in such examinations.

Multimedia is the technology which can grab the student’s attentions and involve them in learning more. Audio Visual presentation helps students to understand the concepts in-depth and remember the same for long period of time.


All national festivals are celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm by the students and teachers. Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day are celebrated with great honor and respect. Annual day is celebrated with fun & fervor. The school conducts quiz, Debates, Elocutions, Drawing and Painting, Annual games and sports competitions to expose their hidden talents according to their interest and encourage them with medals and a meritorious certificate.


The success of the school depends largely on the undivided loyalty and unstained cooperation extended by the parents. Your cooperation is indispensable for the smooth functioning of the academic program of the school. Admitting your child in a good institution is not the end of all, Parents have to keep a watchful eye on the progress of the child by ensuring the following:

  • Parents are requested to ensure that their children attend classes and all the functions of the school regularly.
  • You should take care of the personal hygiene of your child, see that he/she is neatly dressed, bathe daily and is in proper uniform. You must strive to inculcate clean habits in a child.
  • You are responsible to see that your child does the homework and periodically check and make sure that the written work in all the subjects is up-to-date.
  • You are not permitted to meet the students or teachers during working hours, sitting inside the school campus during the school hours or entering the staffroom at any time without Principal’s permission.
  • Parents are expected to attend all Parents-Teacher Interactive sessions and check the answer Scripts of your child/ward regular intervals. Sending relatives, tutors or family members to collect the reports is not allowed. Meet the Principal in person to discuss problems faced by you or your wards.
  • All correspondence should be made to the principal. Your sincere co-operation and loyal Support for the smooth functioning of the school is solicited.